BestBet360 terms and conditions apply to all BestBet360 Betting shops and ONLINE players.


BestBet360 may make changes to the terms and conditions, as we consider appropriate. Clients should, therefore, review the terms and conditions at regular intervals to stay abreast of any changes.

To assist you in this regard BestBet360 will attempt to post a notification of changes to terms and conditions on the home page and/or email a notification to you. Information in these Terms and Conditions is subject to change without notification.

BestBet360 reserves the right to decline all, or part, of any bet, requested.


Transactions may only be made in a variety of currencies. For an up to date list please check on the page DEPOSIT METHODS.


Any person 18 years or older can operate a BestBet360 betting account. Proof of identity, age and residency will be required prior to disbursing payouts to any account.

All bets accepted by BestBet360 are subject to BestBet360 rules


Unless agreed to in writing and signed by BestBet360, all individual and/or multiple (in one transaction i.e. as recorded in one ticket) betting transactions of whatsoever nature will be limited to a maximum payout (liability) of N50 million (Fifty Million Naira)

In accordance with this rule you hereby agree not to transact the same betting transaction (so as to circumvent this rule) in another separate betting transaction (either on your own account or by utilising the account of another person or by taking a cash bet) and should you do so then you acknowledge that BestBet360 will have the right, in its sole and unfettered discretion, to cancel the original and any other similar betting transactions to which you are a party i.e. before any of the events indicated in the betting transaction have commenced and/or during or after any of the events have commenced and/or have been completed i.e. in such circumstances you will only be entitled to a refund of the amount staked and more particularly will not be entitled to claim any amount should the whole and/or part of the betting transaction have been successful / partly successful.    

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure details of their bets are correct. Once bets have been placed and their acceptance confirmed they may not be cancelled or changed by the customer.

An online wager is not valid until the wager coupon confirms your bet has been successfully placed. If you are unsure about the validity of a wager please check your transactions or coupons in your profile.

Should a dispute arise, you and BestBet360 agree that the transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in such matters.

BestBet360 reserves the right to suspend a market at any time. When a market is suspended any bets entered will be rejected. BestBet360 also reserves the right to cease betting on any markets at any time without notice.

Bets are processed in the order they are received. Any employee of BestBet360 will not offer credit. BestBet360 reserves the right to void any bet, which may have inadvertently been accepted when the account did not have sufficient funds to cover the bet. Should funds be credited to a customer's account in error it is the customer's responsibility to inform BestBet360 without delay. BestBet360 will recover such funds by a journal adjustment on the account.

All winnings will be credited to the customer account. Any funds/winnings credited to an account in error are not available for use, and BestBet360 reserves the right to void any transactions involving such funds, either at the time, or retrospectively.


BestBet360 shall in no way, and under no circumstances, be liable for any damages or losses, including, but without limitation, direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or punitive damages deemed or alleged to have resulted from or caused by the present website or its content, including without limitation any persons use or misuse of its content, the inability of any person to use the site, delays in operation or transmission, communication line failure, or any errors or omissions in content.

All winnings shall be credited to the winning customer's account only.

Account balances are the responsibility of the client and should be checked at every opportunity.

In the event that funds are credited to a customer's account in error, it is incumbent upon the customer to notify BestBet360 of the aforesaid error without delay. Although every effort is made to carry out the correct information, we do not accept responsibility for any errors and/or omissions that may occur.

BestBet360 will not be liable for, as a result of, directly or indirectly in connection with, any of the following, howsoever caused or arising:

(i) the failure of, or damage to, or the destruction of, BestBet360 hardware, software, servers or server records or any part thereof.

(ii) winnings resulting from any software, hardware or related problems with the gaming servers, associated software, other servers or other infrastructure associated with BestBet360

(iii) delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from the failure of any telecommunications or other data transmission systems

(iv) any force majeure event or circumstances.

All wagers and bets must be placed by the account holder using the user interface provided by BestBet360 on its website. Any wagering through other means, or the placing of wagers or bets using a method not intended by BestBet360, is strictly prohibited. In the event of a dispute regarding any matter relating to the use of BestBet360, customer accounts, eligibility for winnings or any other related matter, the decision of the BestBet360 Management shall be final and binding. 

Such legal or other action shall include (but not be limited to) any legal or other action that arises as a result of the illegality of online gambling or gaming within your legal jurisdiction



Each client is wholly responsible for the secrecy of his betting account and should make every effort to prevent the use of the personal account number by any third party, as any transactions entered into where the account holder's number has been given to effect a wager, shall stand as bona fide transactions dependent only upon the current balance of the account.

In the event that a customer suspects that a third party may have their password or username, the customer may at anytime ask that BestBet360 furnish the customer with a new password and/or username.


It is possible to bet on singles and multiples. It is also possible, unless otherwise stated, to combine events regarding different sports into one bet/coupon.



Multiple bets will be accepted with any in play odds.

Multiple Bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another. If a client inadvertently or deliberately backs a related contingency in a multiple bet, the bet will be voided and the stakes returned.
a. Any multiple made up of more than one selection from the same event will be deemed a related contingency. i.e. Alan Shearer to score 1st & Newcastle Utd to win; the exceptions to the above is in North American sports where sides and totals can make up a multiple bet and/or the BetBuilder feature that is offered by BestBet360.
b. Any multiples involving the same team or its players, or the same selection will be deemed a related contingency. i.e. Alan Shearer to be top Premiership goalscorer and Newcastle to win the Premiership; Arsenal to win their 3rd Round FA Cup game and Arsenal to win the FA Cup.


Unless an event is being covered by BestBet360 'Betting in the run/Live in Play' service, bets placed after the official start of the relative event will be considered void.

For all sports, unless clearly stated, events whose start time is postponed and then rescheduled to a time more than 24 hours after the original start time will automatically be deemed void for settling purposes, and all money will be credited accordingly.

If a void match is included in a multiple bet that leg/prediction is treated as a 'non-runner' and the outcome of the multiple will be decided on the result of the remaining legs.



Bets on sporting events will always be settled on the podium positions of the competitors. Subsequent disqualification or promotion is irrelevant for betting purposes.



The FULL value of all deposits MUST be played through in full before a withdrawal is requested.  No withdrawal request will be treated, unless the funds originally deposited have been utilised to play on the BestBet360 platform.

In order to place any wager or bet at BestBet360, you must open an account with BestBet360.

The opening of a BestBet360 account represents and warrants to BestBet360 that: -

(i) You have made all requisite inquiries and have determined that online gaming is not prohibited in your jurisdiction

(ii) There are no legal or other restrictions on, or prohibitions, against you placing bets at BestBet360

(iii) You have full legal rights to bet at BestBet360

(iv) You will comply fully with any laws or regulations applicable to your use of BestBet360

You must provide the following information, which you certify to be true and accurate:

(i) First Name and Surname

(ii) Date of Birth

(iii) Full Residential Address (at KYC point)

(iv) Contact Email address

(v) Contact Telephone Number

BestBet360 may request copies of documents in support of your personal information. This may take the form of, but is not exclusive or limited to, copies of your Passport, Photo ID, Driver’s Licence, Utility Bill, Bank Statement or any other similar documents.

Failure to provide suitable documentation when requested may result in your account being suspended or closed, as well as refusal to pay winnings until the required KYC documents are supplied to BestBet360.

Your personal details (including your email address) will not be passed to any third party by BestBet360.

BestBet360 will send a confirmation and verification email to the email address you supply. By opening an account with BestBet360, and each time you place a bet, you agree to be bound by BestBet360’s current terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions, you should not place bets with BestBet360.

It is compulsory that the clients’ full names, residential address and contact details are required by BestBet360 to comply with KYC regulations.

BestBet360 does not permit accounts to be opened by, or used from, customers based in certain jurisdictions where online gaming and gambling is not legal. These jurisdictions may change from time to time without notice.


To participate in wagering, betting, gaming or gambling on the BestBet360 website you must deposit funds into your BestBet360 account and operate your account with a positive balance.

You agree that any cleared deposit balance on your account may be used to offset any and all amounts owing to BestBet360. You must not misuse or abuse the BestBet360 website nor introduce, whether intentionally or not, any material which is otherwise malicious or harmful. You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the BestBet360 website, servers or any other infrastructure associated with BestBet360, nor subject the website to any type of denial-of-service operation.

All wagers and bets must be placed by the account holder using the user interface provided by BestBet360 on its website. Any wagering through other means or the placing of wagers or bets using a method not intended by BestBet360 is strictly prohibited.

BestBet360’s server software shall be the official register of all gaming transactions. In the event of a discrepancy between the result showing on any web browser and in BestBet360’s server software, the result showing in BestBet360’s server software shall be the official record and shall govern the result of wager or bet. BestBet360 shall not be liable for any amount resulting from any such discrepancy.



You may only make a withdrawal request for the cleared funds in your account. Funds which have not cleared, or any bonus/promotional and other balances for which you have not fulfilled the relevant Terms and Conditions are not available for withdrawal.

Unless otherwise specified all Credit Card deposits have a minimum 30 day hold period before a withdrawal can be made.

Withdrawal requests will only be approved if the Identity information requested during the account opening process has been completed and verified to the satisfaction of BestBet360.

You must provide sufficiently accurate information as to how any withdrawal from your account is to be transferred to you.

BestBet360 may limit the amounts that may be withdrawn in any one day, week, or month, depending on account activity, currency and banking limits, or any other such restrictions. BestBet360 will attempt to accommodate any reasonable request regarding the method and currency of the withdrawal, although this cannot be guaranteed. BestBet360 reserves the right to use any method of payment provision, bank draft or wire, in any currency, to fulfil the withdrawal request.


Payouts are processed once a day, subject to a risk review. BestBet360 will make every attempt to ensure that all withdrawals are paid out in a timely fashion. Certain factors beyond the control of BestBet360, including, but not limited to, limitations imposed by financial institutions, may result in withdrawals taking longer to process.

You are solely responsible for reporting your winnings or losses at BestBet360, and for paying any and all resulting taxes, if your jurisdiction’s authorities require such reporting and taxes.



BestBet360 reserves the right to close your account for any reason.

BestBet360 reserves the right to cancel any wager or bet settlement, bonus, promotional or other payout and to suspend or close your account if:

(i) You have more than one account with BestBet360 for any reason whatsoever.

(ii) The name on your account does not match the payment method used to make deposits into or withdrawals from your account.

(iii) You provide incorrect or misleading account and/or identity information.

(iv) If BestBet360 believes that you are not legally allowed to use the  BestBet360 website in your place of jurisdiction.

(v) If you allow or permit, either intentionally or unintentionally, a Third Party to access and/or use your BestBet360 account.

(vi) If you participate in a BestBet360 promotion and do not fulfil the requirements or you abuse the terms of that particular promotion.

(vii) If you are found to be cheating, colluding, or otherwise engaged in unfair, fraudulent or criminal activity on the BestBet360 website or any website, bookmaker or casino offering similar gaming or gambling services, whether in association with a Third Party or not.

(viii) If you make use of any system (including machines, computers, software, hardware or any other automated system) designed specifically to gain an unfair advantage on the BestBet360 website.

(ix) If you breach any of the representations and warranties expressed or implied in these Terms and Conditions.

If you do not use your account for any consecutive period of 90 days your account will be deemed to have become inactive. Using your account is defined as placing a wager or bet on any event or game with BestBet360.

BestBet360 reserves the right to close your account in the event that you are found to be engaging in unfair activity which includes placing bets at blatantly incorrect prices. In the event of your deliberately placing bets on incorrect prices, your funds will be returned to you and your account will be closed.


These Terms and Conditions represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and BestBet360,

In consideration for being permitted to participate in gaming activities provided by BestBet360, you acknowledge to BestBet360 that you fully understand, agree to and are willing to become a party to and shall abide by these Terms and Conditions. You agree to review the Terms and Conditions periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes and additions.

You agree not to open, use or reuse any account at BestBet360, participate in BestBet360, or accept any bonus, promotion, special offer, wager or bet settlement, or other credit to your account if you do not fully understand, agree to and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

BestBet360.com faxes and emails branding the BestBet360 name, accept no responsibility for the accuracy of any information, whether in numerical, text or graphical form, presented on this site, including but not limited to, any information relating to sports fixtures, locations, odds, times or results ("the Information"). BestBet360 further accepts no responsibility for any use of the Information by any person. BestBet360.com does not accept any liability for any loss incurred, or damage suffered (including economic or consequential loss) either directly or indirectly, on any part of the Information displayed or otherwise made available on the site, including such loss or damage arising from any negligence of BestBet360, its employees, agents or consultants.