BESTBET360 is a proud supporter of Responsible Gambling. No under 18’s are permitted to sign up and bet with BESTBET360.




  1. Introduction

By "responsible gambling" we understand all policies, programmes and practices to be designed to minimise the incidence of, and harm caused by excessive gambling, while not interfering unnecessarily with the legitimate enjoyment of those who gamble harmlessly. To this end, the conduct of all our operations including our marketing and advertising is designed to encourage people to gamble within their means and not to spend more time and money gambling than they can afford. We stress to our customers and to the general public that gambling ought only to be seen as one entertainment and leisure option amongst many. Our aim is to provide our customers with excitement and enjoyment which means we do not want them to gamble to the point where gambling becomes a problem and causes significant damage to their lives and those close to them. We regard this as not only the morally right thing to do but also to be in our commercial interests: we neither wish to exploit nor be perceived to be exploiters of human weakness, instead we wish to be seen as providers of many kinds of safe entertainment including gambling. Consequently, our Board is formally and unanimously committed to doing all we can to promote responsible gambling, to discourage irresponsible gambling and to provide free, confidential and expert help to the minority of people who do get into trouble through gambling too much. We set out the specifics of this commitment below.



  1. The corporate policy on problem gambling

The Responsible Gambling Policy (RGP) addresses, and will continue to address, both irresponsible gambling and underage gambling. The aim is to add value through a commitment to social responsibility and the sharing of financial and human resources. We aim to have a positive impact and ensure that BestBet360’s entertainment and hospitality products create a positive influence in the lives of our customers, our employees and their families, and to society as a whole. We will, therefore, commit human and financial resources to promote public understanding of the problem of irresponsible gambling among our customers and employees and have policies and practices in place to recognize and prevent problem gambling. We are also concerned about the possible incidence of under-age gambling and rigorously enforce the prohibition of under-age gambling, taking whatever steps are appropriate to restrict gambling activities to persons of or above the age of 18 years. Gaming operations are governed by a Code of Conduct that binds us to a set of protocols that give practical expression to our commitment to making responsible gambling an integral part of our daily operations.

  1. Principal Tenets

The principal tenets of our policy are the following: -

3.1. Commitment to regulators

Our policy is to apply resources in a comprehensive approach to the issue of problem gambling by co-operating with relevant local and national bodies.

3.2. Commitment to employees?

3.2.1. We are committed to educating all current and future employees about responsible gambling and providing periodic refresher training.

3.2.2. We train all staff working on our properties to recognise potential cases of problem gambling including neglect of children and to report these to the appropriately qualified manager. We train selected senior management in interviewing possible problem gamblers in a constructive and helpful way.

3.2.3. Implementing communications programmes for employees to improve their understanding of responsible gambling and related policies and procedures.

3.2.4. Making brochures available to new employees regarding responsible gambling and where to find assistance.

3.3. Commitment to customers?

3.3.1. Making brochures visible and available in gambling areas regarding responsible gambling and where to find assistance.

3.3.2. Making available on the BestBet360 website's information regarding responsible gambling and where to find professional help.

3.3.3. Providing opportunities for customers to request in writing that they not be sent promotional mailings or the revocation of their privileges in relation to specific shop services such as loyalty card promotions. In addition, we will take all reasonable steps to honour written requests from any person so as not knowingly to grant access to such a person to gambling activities at one or more of its shop's.

3.3.4. We reserve the right to exclude any patron from gambling without a request from that patron.

3.4. Commitments regarding under-age gambling and unattended children?

3.4.1. Any person of 18 years of age or younger is regarded as a child under the first section "Corporate Policy"

3.4.2. Diligent efforts are made to prevent children from loitering in the proximity of the gambling area of the shop.

3.4.3. Where, in the opinion of management, an unaccompanied child appears to be at risk, security or appropriate personnel will be contacted and will remain with the child while reasonable steps are taken to locate the parent or responsible caregiver. If efforts are unsuccessful, security personnel will contact an appropriate third party and release the unaccompanied child to their care.