How To Rebet

Betting Just Got Easier!

BestBet360 has a REBET feature that allows you to quickly reload open selections and place that bet again with the option of adding or removing events.

Now, you no longer have to throw away your ticket if your bet loses in the first match.

How do I Rebet?



Step 1: Login to your account



Step 2: Load the coupon you wish to Rebet by typing the coupon code into the Coupon check bar. The coupon code is the number-alphabet combination at the bottom of your bet slip (Example: WbrZBA)



Step 3: Click the ‘Rebet’ button on the right side of the display.



Step 4: Your bet slip will be reloaded with all open selections. You can review the selections by adding or removing events. Then, select your desired stake and click ‘Place Bet’.