FAQ for Affiliates

  1. What is an Affiliate Program?


An affiliate program is a specific type of partnership between an online merchant and a website operator where the online merchant rewards the website operators/owners for any revenue generated through the merchant links on the partners' website/s. As an affiliate, you're paid a commission every time a customer is referred through your website and/or social media platforms and as a result thereof, it generates revenue for the merchant.


  1. How does it work?


If you have a website or operate a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you can earn money by being a Bestbet360 affiliate. Register for the affiliate program by clicking HERE and gain access to all our marketing tools to help you promote some of the hottest and best-converting gaming products on the internet. Thereafter, you can place our banners and links on your website and social media platforms respectively. More clicks you have on our links means more players, and, eventually, more money for you.


  1. Who can become an affiliate?


Anyone can become an affiliate! All you need to do is fill out the registration form and wait for the approval email from our HEAD OF AFFILIATE PROGRAM @Bestbet360 (It can take up to 24 hours) As soon as your account is activated you will get full access to all our affiliate tools.


  1. What does a 'valid referral' mean?


To become a 'valid referral' a customer you sent to us via your affiliate link should be over 18 years old and should comply with our player terms and conditions. You must also operate under our affiliate terms and conditions whilst promoting Bestbet360 website.


  1. I have several websites - do I need to register multiple times?


No, whether you have just one website or a hundred, you only need to register once. We provide simple tools to track multiple websites under one account. Our system allows creating a unique referral link for each of your websites, making it easy for you to check the number of clicks, players sign-ups and your earnings for every site.


  1. Will you accept my website?


We accept the majority of websites; however, your sites will be reviewed to ensures that the contents are considered acceptable and not damaging to our brand. Bestbet360 affiliate team reserves the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site membership at any time if we deem that it contains objectionable contents or images (of a pornographic or racially prejudicial nature, etc).


  1. How many Bestbet360 affiliate links I can put on my website or promote on my social media platforms?


Feel free to put as many Bestbet360 affiliate links on your website and/or social media platforms as you like.


  1. Can I use Bestbet360 content on my site and/or Social Media platforms?


Yes. We have content available to our affiliates that you can use to enhance your site/social media platforms and (hopefully) increase the number of players and revenue.


  1. What is your commission structure?


This is always to be negotiated dependent on a few factors, please contact our team and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Contact email [email protected]



    10.  How do I increase my conversion rates through the advertisement of BestBet360 promotional material?


Answer: You can use the following traffic sources for advertising:

1.Websites, landing pages

2.Social media, blogs

3.Teaser advertising (PopUnder, ClickUnder ads)

4.CPC arbitrage (surfing services, ‘watch ads, get paid’ websites)


6.Banner advertising

7.Video advertising (video hosting services)

8.Viral advertising



      Technical info?


  • Question: Is dynamic subid tracking possible? (Dynamic subid tracking is a parameter provided by BestBet360, which the affiliate appends at the tracking-URL to send ad-placements dynamically, which in turn the affiliate sees in the stats together with their conversions made).


Answer: Yes, dynamic subid tracking is possible, the affiliate will have to simply create a new channel for every link placement he wants and track them using channels (path: Banners & Links > Add Channel). In banners, you can choose to get the link version with channel appended. The channel parameter will be transferred also to the tracked commission, so you will know exactly what link led to the commission.


  • Question: Do you provide postback-tracking (server2server via postback-URL)?


Answer: Yes, server2server tracking is possible, you can find more information here: https://support.qualityunit.com/042290-S2S-tracking

If you just need a simple callback for every transaction, please use the "Call URL from server" option described here: https://support.qualityunit.com/573712-Affiliate-Sale-Tracking-Codes




Getting Started:


  1. Question: How to Check Your Commissions?


    Answer: You can check your commissions by clicking on: My Account > Report > Commission Report.


  1. Question: How to Check Operations Involving Your Network?


     Answer: You can check all your network operations by clicking on: My Account > Report > Full Report.


  1. Question: How to Get Referral Links and Banners?


     Answer: You can get all marketing material (Affiliate Link, Banners, Banner tracking code and Dynamic Links) and by clicking on: My Account > Marketing/Banners.



Promo Code - what is this?


  1. What is a Promo Code for?


Customers/online players can enter a Promo Code while joining and registering on the website to add it to their account automatically.


There is then no need for new customers to go and follow an affiliate link to the website.


  1. What are the benefits of using a Promo Code?


A Promo Code can be generated by affiliate partners on the website and promote it to be used by online punters and players where it is impossible to place a referral link or an advert for goods/services on (Instagram, Facebook, in videos, offline advertising, etc.) Any transaction of the online players with the Promo Code which has been generated and published by the affiliate partners will be traceable on the sales of the affiliate and players upon using of the said code, players will receive a higher bonus and are therefore motivated to use it.


Promo Codes do not expire. A referred customer can pass their Promo Code to others and the more customers you attract, the higher your income.