1. What does BestBet360 Nigeria represent?

BestBet360 is a Sports-Betting Company, licensed and authorised to accept bets and pay winnings based on the result of those sports events.

  1. How do I open an Account with BestBet360 Nigeria?

There are 2 ways to open an account with BestBet360. Browse to www.BestBet360.com on your PC or Notebook, and then click on the “register” icon - follow the easy and quick steps. You will be able to start transacting immediately you have funded your account after registering. OR browse to BestBet360.com on your smartphone or tablet and register as well. Both accounts can be used on the PC or smartphone (for mobile betting). DO NOT CREATE 2 ACCOUNTS.

  1. Do you offer free trials on betting?

No, we do not offer any free trials.          

  1. What are the sports/games available for me to choose from?

Please browse to www.BestBet360.com and you will see all the betting options we offer on the various sports events throughout the world.

  1. What are the advantages of betting with BestBet360 NIGERIA?

BestBet360 Nigeria is supported by management with over 100 years’ experience in the sports betting industry as licensed operators in other countries. We offer you, the customer, many years of knowledge, honesty and integrity. BestBet360 also believes in making sure all our customers are always able to get the best deal on the Internet and our odds and prices will always be extremely competitive and in line with European and International betting standards.

  1. What features does my BestBet360 NIG account have?

Your BestBet360 account enables you to place bets on whatever events we offer. You can fund and withdraw from your account online.

  1. Are my transactions & personal details secured?

Yes, all details are kept secure. The BestBet360 site carries an SSL certificate.

  1. How do I deposit money into my BestBet360 account?

You can fund your account by:


  • Direct Deposit into our corpoate bank account
  • Credit Card payment via a secure payments’ provider

Please refer to our Banking page for more details.


  1. What should I do if my account has not been credited after 24 hours?

Please send us an email to [email protected] or call us on 0700 WIN WIN WIN (0700946946946)

  1. Do you offer Bonus on any deposits made?

Please watch our website for any special offers, and follow us on Twitter (@BestBet360) and our Facebook page (facebook.com/BestBet360)

  1. What currencies can I fund my account with?

At the moment, we accept Nigeria Naira (NGN), US$ ($), Euro (€), Pound Sterling (£), Ghanian Cedi (GHS), Kenyan Shilling (KHS) and South African Rands (ZAR).

  1. How long will it take before my withdrawal request notification gets to you?

As soon as you click on the withdrawal link on your account, we receive an email notifying us of your request, and we will attend to it immediately.

  1. How do I resolve the error, "Incorrect username or password?

If it is simply a case of a lost password, then click on “lost password” icon and a new password will be emailed to your registered address. A lost or unknown username – please contact us via email at [email protected] and we assist you.

  1. How do I reset my BestBet360 password?

Simply click on “lost password” icon, and follow the instructions.

  1. Can I withdraw my money back without placing bets?

Your funds must be used to transact with before you can make a withdrawal. You must place bets to the amount of at least your deposit before your withdrawal can be authorised.

  1. How do I place a bet?

Log in to your account using either the email address or username you registered with and the password. Browse through the site and find the event you wish to bet on. Once you are certain of your bet, click on “submit” button to finalise the transaction. The bet amount will then be deducted from your account balance

  1. What are the minimum and maximum stakes I can place?

The minimum stake you can place is N100; the maximum stake varies between sports, leagues and bets types. If you are a very "big staker", please feel free to call our support line on 0700 WIN WIN WIN (0700 946 946 946) or email [email protected], and we will always do our best to accommodate your stake size.

  1. How do I withdraw my winnings from my account?

To withdraw money, log in to your account, and select "Withdraw". From there you must follow the simple steps to process your withdrawal.

  1. How long does it take for a payment to be credited to my account at BestBet360?

This depends on the method used by you to make payment to your account. The quickest way, which will be instant, is to use your ATM card and use the online payment facility ). Secondly, you can make a cash payment at any on our retail shops and we will credit you within 3 hours of receipt of the cash at our shop - please insist on a receipt from the manager on duty. The third method is for you to deposit cash at any one of our banks listed on the site, and by following the instructions on the site, clicking on the bank and giving us the details, we will credit your account as soon as we receive the funds in our bank account. If ever a credit is taking too long, you are welcome to email us at [email protected] and we will assist in tracing your payment.

  1. What should I do if my bank account has not been credited 48 hours after I made the withdrawal request on the site?

Please send an email to [email protected] and your problem will be attended to immediately.

  1. What are the minimum and maximum deposit I can make online?

Minimum is N100 and maximum is N1 million, in any 1 transaction.

  1. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from my account?

NGN 500 (Five hundred Naira).

  1. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my account?

N1 000 000 (One Million Naira) per day. However, withdrawal requests for amounts greater than N500 000 or currency equivalent will require verification by BestBet360 in line with EFCC policy. A user cannot place any other withdrawal requests until verification is complete. Withdrawals can only be made to the exact same name as the account was registered with BestBet360. Please make certain all your details are correct. BestBet360 will NOT pay out to any 3rd party accounts ever.

  1. When can I make a withdrawal request?

You can make a withdrawal request as soon as you have successfully “turned over” the funds at least once, that you paid into your account.

  1. Can I use my phone to place bets?

Yes, we have a mobile site (BestBet360.com) which you can use your smartphone or tablet to place bets on.

  1. Can I cancel my bet?

No. Once it has been confirmed online, you CANNOT cancel a bet.

  1. What should I do if I have any problems with my account?

Please send an email to [email protected] for prompt assistance.

  1. How do I view my current bets / pending bets etc

When you are logged into your account at www.BestBet360.com,  click on My Profile, then My Statement and there you can see all the various tabs giving you options to view ALL bets;  COMPLETED Bets;  ALL Pending Bets;  ALL Winning Bets;  ALL Losing Bets;  ALL Deposits you have made in the past;  ALL Withdrawals you have made.  You simply type in a start and end date and click submit.

  1. How do I change my password?

Once you have logged into your account, click on the tab My Profile, which can be found at the top left-hand side. Click on the button that says Password. You will be prompted to enter the old password, and then enter your new password and confirm it. Click Update, and your password will be changed.

  1. I am a mobile account holder, and I would like to use the BestBet360.com desktop website. Do I need to register a new account?

No, you can use the same account you use on your mobile for the www.BestBet360.com website (one necessity for all accounts is that you have a valid and active email address).


Some Sport FAQ



Full Time 90MIN


  1. What does Full Time 90MIN stand for?


    It means that the betting odds offered are intended for the full soccer game, up until the final whistle (which is at the end of 90 minutes play).


  1. If a team scores in the 92nd minute, which is part of the referee’s optional time, will this affect who wins this market?


It will affect this market. If the score is 1-1, and Man United score in the 92nd minute and the referee has not yet blown his final whistle, then Man United will win this market (with the score at 2-1).


  1. The referee blows the final whistle at the end of 90 minutes and the score is 0-0. They decide to play extra time because it is a cup final, and one of the team scores and wins the cup – who will be resulted as the winner of this market =  what will this market be resulted as?


This market will have resulted in a DRAW. The reason is that at the end of 90 minutes when the referee blew the final whistle, it was 0-0, therefore a DRAW.


  1. What is injury time or the referee’s optional time there for?


It is there to make up for any play lost during the 90 minutes due to injury/celebrations / stoppages in play etc. It is there because the full 90 minutes has not been played yet by both sides, and this will make up the difference. This is the reason why if the clock says 92 minutes – that 2 extra minutes is making up for lost time during the game.


  1. Why is there a DRAW market in a cup game, when there has to be a winner declared?


The reason there is a DRAW market is that the bet is to determine what the score will be at the end of 90 minutes play. If you wish to bet on who will advance to the next round from this game, or who will win the cup, then the right market to bet on is either “To Lift the Cup” or “To Qualify For Next Round.”


Halftime Result


  1. Who is decided as the winner for the Halftime Result market?


The winner of the market is decided on what the score is when the referee blows the whistle for halftime. The possible results are either home team wins, away team wins or the draw.


  1. Why is the draw normally the favourite for games that have teams that are evenly matched?


The reason is that the score is more than likely to be 0-0 at halftime, or both teams would have scored and there are ONLY 45 minutes to play - it is more difficult for there to be a winner.


  1. Why should people bet on this market instead of the Fulltime 90MIN?


The reason is that you have a better chance of predicting what the score will be at halftime than you do at fulltime. It’s half the time!


  1. What happens if the score is 0-0, and a team scores in the 47th minute (1-0), and then the referee blows the halftime whistle. What result will this market get?


This market will have resulted as the team who is now leading the match. Regardless of how many minutes it is over 45 minutes, the result is for what the scoreboard shows at halftime  -  official HT result is what counts.


Halftime-Fulltime Double


  1. What does the Halftime-Fulltime Double bet mean?


It means you are betting on which team will be leading at halftime, AND which team will be leading at full-time. It can include the draw.


  1. How many options are there for the Halftime-Fulltime double?


There are 9 options available. For example with Chelsea and Liverpool:

  1. Chelsea-Chelsea
  2. Chelsea-Draw
  3. Chelsea-Liverpool
  4. Draw-Chelsea
  5. Draw-Draw
  6. Draw-Liverpool
  7. Liverpool-Chelsea
  8. Liverpool-Draw
  9. Liverpool-Liverpool


  1. If I choose Liverpool-Chelsea as my selection for this bet, what does this mean?


    This means you need Liverpool to be winning the game at halftime, AND Chelsea to be winning the game at full-time.


  1. If Liverpool are leading the game 2-0 at halftime, and Chelsea pulls a goal back in the second half, what will be the result of this market if the game ends at 2-1 to Liverpool?


The result will be Liverpool-Liverpool. The winning market is for who is leading the game at halftime, AND who is leading the game at full-time (not a double for who wins each half).


Correct Score


  1. For what period of time does the correct score market apply to?


The Correct Score market applies to what the score will be at the end of fulltime, or when the referee blows the FINAL whistle at the end of 90 minutes.


  1. What happens if the score I want to predict is not listed as a market? What can I bet on?


If the correct score you would like to predict is not listed, then you can bet on the market labelled ANY OTHER SCORE. This means any other score that is not quoted by BestBet360.


  1. Can I just predict the score, or do I need to choose which team the score will be in favour of?


You need to predict the score according to which team will be winning. If you think the score will be 1-0 to Chelsea, then you will select CHELSEA 1-0. If Chelsea is the home team, and you think the result will be a 0-0 draw, then you will select CHELSEA DRAW 0-0.


  1. What happens if Chelsea scores in the 92nd minute during injury time, and the score is 1-0 when the referee blows the final whistle? What will the correct score be for this game?


The correct score will be CHELSEA 1-0. This because the 90MIN rule applies, where it is up until the referee blows the FINAL whistle at the end of 90 minutes.


How long does it take for my withdrawal to reflect in my registered bank account?


Your withdrawal amount should reflect in your account within 48 hours of you requesting it. Withdrawals are processed between Monday to Friday during 9 am to 4 pm (Nigeria time), excluding any public holidays in Nigeria. Any withdrawals received after working hours will only be processed the following working day.